Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Move Beyond’s coaching team includes some of the leading coaches in the UK

They are all experts in their field and bring their unique personalities and talents to the mix, along with their youthful, vibrant energy and enthusiasm. They come from a variety of backgrounds with comprehensive experience in the areas of business, career, relationships, leadership, health & fitness, and personal and professional development. Our coaches are all highly trained by internationally accredited coach training organisations.

All of our coaches are also members of the International Coach Federation.

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Kyle Newman

Kyle Newman, BSc – Founder and CEO of Move Beyond

Kyle is a true leader and entrepreneur at heart. He thrives on working with people, both in groups and on an individual basis, and does so with great enthusiasm and professionalism. He believes that we all have the potential to lead amazing lives and run inspired businesses, and loves working with people to create them!

He works with his clients to not only achieve their ‘external goals’ but to also really know and value themselves and build the confidence and inner-strength to be their best. He wants the people he works with to leave ‘standing strong’ – knowing that they are more than capable of going out into the world and creating the life they want, and taking whatever challenges come their way in their stride. He believes that life is an adventure to be lived and celebrated, not feared or hidden from.

As the founder and CEO of Move Beyond, part of the Beyond Limits Group, Kyle has a diverse background which enables him to really add value and bring fresh perspectives and approaches to his clients. His global training, extensive coaching experience and years of involvement in health and fitness industry are combined with his corporate background in management, and accounting and finance to create a leading edge group of companies in the field of personal and organisational development. Move Beyond was established to support, encourage and challenge individuals to be the best that they can be – and ensure that they have the energy and stamina to enjoy it.

Known as a leading coach and health and fitness expert, Kyle has trained across the globe with the best in their field in order to inspire and support individuals and organisations in their quest to take their business, life or career to the next level. He speaks regularly at conferences and events on a range of topics including creating personal and organisational change and achieving optimum health and performance. Kyle has extensive training in these fields including both the ‘Co-Active Coaching’ and ‘Co-Active Leadership’ programmes with the prestigious Coaches Training Institute, and the ‘Organisational & Relationship Systems Coaching’ programme from the CRR Global. In addition to his coaching experience, Kyle is also a leading health and fitness specialist, with over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry. He has a BSc (Hons) Degree in Exercise Science and a broad range of industry training from leading organisations such as Fitness Professionals.

Outside of the professional arena, Kyle’s passions include socialising, sports, the arts, and travel. When he is not working, he is as likely to be found at a trendy London bar or restaurant as he is skiing off a mountain peak into a couloir or abseiling down a waterfall…

Who we works with: Kyle has developed, oversees and delivers most of Move Beyond’s programmes, and works with clients in a wide range of areas, from business, to relationships, to weight loss. He loves working with people who know that there must be more to life. People who want to step out of the box, explore new possibilities and bring more meaning into their work, their life, and the lives of those around them.

Kyle is the Programme Director for all of Move Beyond’s transformational programmes. Click here to view the programme overview. He also accepts up to 5 clients per years on his intensive ‘life transformation programme’. Click this link to find out more about this programmme: Life Transformation Programme

  • Bath FM Radio Interview with Kyle Newman – Listen Play

View Kyle Newman's profile on LinkedIn

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Michelle BayleyAssociate Coach

Michelle Bayley

Michelle Bayley, CPCC – Senior Associate Coach, Director of Career Change Programme

Down to earth and approachable, Michelle has one aim – to help her clients find work that inspires and excites them. She’s passionate about people finding the career that makes the most of their talents and matches what motivates them about work. Her clients say she’s intuitive, warm and quick to use humour.

With over six years experience as a life and career coach, Michelle trained with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), one of the mostly highly reputed coach training schools in the world. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and licensed Firework™ Career Coach. Firework™ was developed by two of the country’s leading coaches to help people find work they love.

Michelle’s clients come from many backgrounds in both the private and public sectors, including marketing, public relations, education, management consultancy and law. She’s an associate of the National School of Government and a member of the International Coach Federation.

In addition to her work as a coach, Michelle also works for the Government as a Senior Internal Communications Adviser. She has also worked as a Professional Development Adviser to people in Government public relations and marketing roles and spent 10 years as a team leader in the Cabinet Office press office, working with ministers and senior Government officials. So she has a very clear understanding of the pressures and issues that senior managers face. She’s also a graduate and a qualified teacher.

Who she works with: Michelle enjoys working with people who are ready to take charge of their life and career and are willing to put in the effort to find what’s right for them. Like any coach, she can’t wave a magic wand and tell you what to do but she’ll give you the tools and coaching to help you find answers for yourself. As one of her clients says, “if you’re willing to put in as much as Michelle gives, you won’t look back”.

Michelle works with clients on the following Move Beyond programmes:

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Sue BuckleAssociate Coach

Sue Buckle

Sue Buckle, CPCC – Associate Coach

People describe Sue as being friendly, compassionate, honest, a good listener, warm and friendly, creative, and full of life and enthusiasm. When appropriate she is provocative, rigorous and tough. She is always ready to champion people, and is not afraid of holding them to account or challenging them when they are not living up to their own expectations.

Sue worked for many years as a self-employed recruitment consultant within the advertising industry. The most rewarding part of her job was always helping people find a more satisfying role, sometimes in the same company, sometimes elsewhere. She now coaches people around the challenges they face in their present roles, in stepping up to more senior responsibilities, accelerating their career progress, or finding a new career they love.

For most people, any area of change affects their health, relationships or finances, so she coaches her clients in these areas too. Whatever the area of focus, Sue’s aim is always to help her clients understand themselves and live more fulfilling lives.

With over four years experience as a life and career coach, Sue trained for 2 years with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), one of the mostly highly reputed coach training schools in the world, and undertook their rigorous certification programme, which she passed in 2005. She also holds the International Coach Federation (ICF) ACC credential (Associate Certified Coach), is a licensed Firework™ Career Coach, and has a primary certificate in cognitive behaviour therapy and training. As if this wasn’t enough, Sue is starting a Psychology degree in January 2010, to further her interest in what makes people tick.

Who she works with: Sue thrives on working with people who want a life and career that challenges, excites and fulfills them. Whether it’s in their current field, or through finding a new career more suited to what makes them tick, Sue helps people carve a path that makes their life and work more rich and rewarding.

Sue works with clients on the following Move Beyond programmes:

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