Our Approach

Our Approach

We help you make real changes in your life and work

Get results in your life and workBy working with us you’ll achieve more – in less time, and move through life with more confidence, clarity, self-belief and ease. There are a lot of buzz phrases associated with coaching and personal development that often confuse and alienate many rational people. Phrases such as “realise your potential,” “live your dreams” or “make a difference in the world” may be vague and meaningless to you. So, on this page we’ll share some of the common results our clients have experienced and give you a clear idea of what it’s really like to work with us.


Results you can expect

The results you get from working with a Move Beyond coach will be specific to the areas you choose to work on and the objectives you set when you start. However there are certain results that are consistent throughout all our coaching programmes, these include:

  • You will bring out the best in yourself and begin to interact more powerfully with the world around you. You will dramatically change the way you ‘show up’ in your life and work – developing a level of confidence that is resilient and based on an appreciation of your strengths, talents and a knowledge of what makes you tick. You’ll feel happier, and more content and at peace. Your self-doubt will begin to evaporate, your outlook on life will become more positive, you will develop greater belief and faith in yourself, and your abilities, and begin to show the world just how great you truly are!
  • You will learn tools and strategies to help you move forwards, be more effective and get better results in all areas of your life. Success isn’t all about tools and strategies, but you can’t deny that some approaches definitely work better than others. You will not only learn these proven approaches, but also how to adapt and apply them so that you get the results you want more of the time. As a result of this you’ll approach the things you want in your life more directly, knowing that your chances of success are much higher.
  • You will have much greater clarity about the work, environments, and relationships that energise you and will use this information to develop your business, career and life plans. By examining a whole host of information from childhood interests to work and life experiences and much more, we’ll help you to build a clear picture of the factors that will make you happy and fulfilled in your life and work. From this picture, the work and life plans you develop will propel you towards a more exciting and fulfilling future.
  • You will re-connect to your dreams and passions and what’s really important in your life and work. You’ll re-evaluate your priorities and re-connect to your true dreams and expectations for your life, rather than drifting on a path of routine activity – sparking your interest in life to return and filling you with renewed energy and passion. You will become more aware and honest about what you REALLY want, uncover what’s really important to you, and devise a strategy for having more of it in your life.
  • You will break-free and kiss goodbye to the things that have been holding you back. By cutting straight to the heart of the issue we will help you make significant breakthroughs and unlock your forward progress. You will put an end to the fear and obstacles that have been holding you back, get into action, and begin to tackle challenges head on. Life will become easier. You’ll get up earlier, stay up later, work harder, play more, and do it all with greater ease.
  • You will take the mystery out of making good business, career and life decisions by developing your own robust decision criteria. Too often, we make decisions based on old habits and patterns, even though our lives and desires have changed greatly since those patterns and habits were initially established. By re-creating your own decision criteria which takes into account many crucial success and happiness factors, you will feel better about the decisions you make and reduce the risk of making poor ones.


Our philosophy & guiding principles

Living and working by our own philosophy and values is the foundation to success. It reflects who we are and our aspiration to be the best that we can be. Some of the beliefs and principles that guide our approach to working with you include:

fun lifeIt’s got to be fun: Otherwise what’s the point? Whilst we appreciate that not everything in life can or will be a non-stop party, however, if in the grand scheme of things your life isn’t setting your soul alight, then truly what is the point? There’s a big difference between living and existing, and we’re all about the former and not the latter. Life’s just too short to go through the motions. So we’re committed to ensuring that your coaching programme is fun, and provides more than enough challenge to make sure the life you create for yourself is one that is truly fun and enjoyable.

You are capable of being and doing more than you think: We believe that everyone has un-tapped potential that goes way beyond what they can currently perceive. The possibilities that are open to each of us are limitless. We will look beneath your outer shell to discover what lies beneath and help you unleash your true potential. As you uncover the truth about yourself you will come to know that anything is possible and that you capable of far more than you ever thought possible.

Know yourself and what makes you tick: Only you can live your life – nobody else can live it for you. Many people, often with the best of intentions, will advise you as to what you should or shouldn’t do in life and what choices to make, but only you can truly know and choose what’s right for you – and you’re the one who has to live with your decisions. Knowing who you really are at your core, and what makes you tick, is the only true way to find the right path for you and to live life in a way that lights you up inside.

You only have one body and it’s got to last you a lifetime: How you feel in your body and how well your body functions has a huge impact on your life experience. After all, whether you like it or not, it is the vehicle in which you drive through life. If you don’t have your health and vitality then what do you have? Take care of your body the way you would take care of the most precious possession that you’ll ever own. Keep it well maintained and run it on good quality fuel.

It isn’t just about the right job/business; it’s about your life’s work: Jobs and businesses are temporary things, often enticing on paper, yet no matter how good a job or business might seem – things will ultimately change, your boss will change, your team will change or your organisation will change, your customers will change or the economic climate will change. Your life’s work on the other hand, is about your work being an extension of who you are. It’s about discovering activities that you have natural talent for, which energise you and stimulate you and do not change no matter what “job” or “business“ you happen to be in. Do what you love in both your life and work. The price of doing anything else is just too high!

Supportive relationships are key: Never underestimate the impact that the people around you have on your life. Having the right people in your life is fundamental to success. When it comes to making positive changes and moving forwards, the people in our lives can be split into three groups: those who fuel your success, those who are neutral, and those who hold you back. We surround ourselves with great people so that we can function at our best in order to have the lives we want, and so that we can be at our best for you. In turn we will help you to build a support network around you that will help you get to where you want to go.

Our philosophy is captured pretty well in this quote from Mary Anne Roadacher-Hershey:

“Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Continue to learn. Appreciate your friends. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is…“

Our approach

One of the most widely known and accepted applications of coaching is in the sports arena. Behind every great sports person lies a dedicated coach. So we’ve used a sporting analogy below to help illustrate our approach and how we can help you improve your ‘game’…

Imagine a famous sports person whom you admire. Someone who has reached the top of their game, like David Beckham or Martina Navratilova. The things that they have achieved stretched them beyond whatever they dreamed or thought was possible in the history of human endeavour. Did they do it alone? No! They had a coach who was 100% focused on what they wanted to achieve, who demanded a lot from them, and who was committed to being there through all the ups and downs.

Coaching resultsA sports coach is committed to helping you get to the top of your game and doesn’t give up – even when you do. Take Martina Navratilova for example, the role of her tennis coach would have been to work with her in all aspects of her game – technical, tactical, physical, psychological and emotional. This enabled her to go out on the court and succeed at the highest level. Her coach would keep her pointed towards where she wanted to go, rather than focus on the last game she lost or the injury that dragged her down. Once on court playing a game, her coach can’t do the work for her – it is down to her to go out and perform at her best; however her coach is still there championing her from the sidelines! Over the course of her career, her coach would have been there for her during both the joy and the pain, celebrating the triumphs and helping her overcome the challenges.

” There is an inner game at play, and this inner game holds the key to the game of our outer lives… ” (Timothy Gallwey)

Whatever your ‘game’, a Move Beyond coach can do the same for you. But what about my friends I hear you say? Aren’t they as supportive as a coach? Of course they are supportive, but friends are by nature often too nice – they will listen to your old story time and time again whilst you waste time, lose confidence, and remain chained to your past, not getting on with your life. A Move Beyond coach will also be compassionate, yet at the same time fierce about holding you to your dream. Sure, go out for a beer with your friends, but to really make significant changes in your life you need someone like a coach to hold you accountable for going after your goals and dreams.

You don’t have to be special to go for gold – you just have to be committed. To succeed in their dreams, athletes like David Beckham and Martina Navratilova had to let go of what other people around them thought they were and were not capable of, how they were expected to do it, and be willing to take a huge leap into the unknown – so they could achieve something remarkable. This isn’t a fairy tale. These people may not have started off thinking they were special. What sets them apart is that they dared to dream and then walked to the edge – and beyond. They had a dedicated team supporting them, who knew the difference between when they were selling themselves short and when they were genuinely exhausted. They were relentless in holding them to ‘going for gold’, instead of just maybe hoping for a bronze or finishing the race.

Here at Move Beyond our professional coaches will dare you to dream and then walk with you to the edge, the only difference is that you get to choose the game. Your coach will challenge you and take the time to find out what winning in life/business really means to you. They will help you to discover where you want to be and develop strategies to get there – whether, it’s about health, finance, relationships, career, work/life balance or business performance. Your coach will hold you to what you say that you want and make sure you really do live up to your potential. They will stick with you through the ups and downs and champion you from the sidelines as you go out and play your game!


Our uniqueness

Kyle Newman - Move Beyond TeamThere are many coaches and personal change organisations out there to choose from, so why choose Move Beyond to help you take your life, career or business to the next level? Well, we’re not afraid to tell you, it’s because…

  • We’ve got a proven track record… we haven’t just jumped on the bandwagon. We’ve been doing this for a long time and consider it to be our life’s work. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients and know what it takes to generate consistent results.
  • Our Coaches and Programmes are first-class… at Move Beyond we are all about quality – we don’t do it cheap and we don’t do it half-heartedly. Our team is hand-picked from some of the most highly trained coaches in the UK. They are all experts in their field and bring their unique personalities and talents to the mix, along with their youthful, vibrant energy and enthusiasm. All of our programmes are designed using the most powerful and up to date personal change techniques to get you where you want to go – FAST!
  • We don’t mess about… we dig deep to discover what winning in life really means to you and to help you gain a strong sense of your strengths and who you really. We don’t mess about – we use straight language and a large dose of humour to cut straight to the heart of the matter, so that you can make the breakthroughs and shifts you need to make – and get on with your life.
  • You’re not just hiring a single coach, you’re hiring a whole team… in today’s world your time is precious and we understand that. That’s why we have developed a powerful and comprehensive range of personal and professional development programmes and put together a team of the UK’s top coaches – so that you can find everything you need to launch into the next chapter of your life – all in one place! Whilst you will work with your chosen coach, you’ll also have access to the expertise of the whole Move Beyond team to ensure you get everything you need to reach your goals and realise your dreams.
Success StoriesNow you have a better idea of the way we work, understand our approach, philosophy and what makes us unique. Why not take a minute or two to look at our success stories page. You will have the opportunity to read about some of the significant changes our clients have made in their lives by working with a Move Beyond coach and find out how you can get them for yourself.

All of Move Beyond’s coaches are members of the International Coach Federation, and as such honour and comply with their professional Code of Ethics.


Only those who will risk going too far, can possibly find out how far one can go…

(T.S. Eliot)


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