Live Your Dream Coaching Programmes _ Overview

Live Your Dream Coaching Programmes _ Overview

Move forward and make the most of what life has to offer with our range of specialised programmes

We’ve put together a team of top coaches and developed a range of specialised programmes to help you move forwards in every area of your life and work. We’ve got a proven track record. working with hundreds of clients and know what it takes to generate consistent results. Interested in more than one programme? Don’t worry! We can combine up to 3 of our programmes so that you can make significant leaps forward in more than one area of your life at the same time.

Take a look through the programme outlines below and click on the links for more information:


Your Dream Life

life coaching programmeOur life coaching programme is designed to help you to end the struggle and make the changes you want in your life. Our focus is threefold – helping you clarify your vision and goals so that you’re 100% confident that you’re moving in the right direction; tapping into your inner strength and building your confidence and self-belief so that you bring out the best in yourself; and holding you accountable so that you get into action and start making the changes you want in your life and turning your dreams into reality. You’ll put the spring back in your step, and find renewed motivation, focus and drive.

life coachingProgramme Details


Your Dream Business

Start-Up Business Coaching Programme

start-up business coaching programmeOur start-up business coaching programme will provide you with the support, motivation and guidance you need to make your new business a success, not at statistic. Around 50% of new businesses fail in their first year and this programme is designed to ensure that yours is NOT one of them! If you’re thinking of starting your own business or are in your first year of trading then this programme will help you dramatically accelerate your results. You’ll clarify your business vision and goals, and create milestones to track your progress; avoid the common mistakes that many new business owners make; eradicate your doubts, fears, overwhelm and procrastination’ gain confidence and self- belief, and ultimately increase your sales, revenue and profit so the money starts rolling in – in less time, with less stress!

start-up business coachingProgramme Details

Business Accelerator Coaching Programme

business accelerator coaching programmeOur business accelerator coaching programme is designed to break through your business growth barriers and take your business to the next level! This programme is focused to help you clarify your vision and direction, leverage your opportunities for growth, better manage the multiple demands of running a growing business, fully engage your staff, and increase your sales, revenue and profitability. Our end game is threefold… helping you make more money, making sure you enjoy running your business, and making sure that it’s supporting you and your loved ones living the lifestyle that you want.

business accelerator coachingProgramme Details


Your Dream Career

Career Change Coaching Programme

career change coaching programmeOur career change coaching programme will help you to shift up a few gears from ‘career confusion’ to ‘career clarity’ and find a more fulfilling and rewarding career path. Our primary focus is to help you identify and transition to a new career that you’ll love. You’ll gain clarity as to what you need to be happy in your work and new career options that inspire and excite you. Your confidence will increase and you’ll tap into the drive to implement a step by step action plan to transition to your new career so that your work becomes something that you’re energised and passionate about, as opposed to just a way to pay the bills.

career change coaching Programme Details

Career Accelerator Coaching Programme

career accelerator coaching programmeOur career accelerator coaching programme will help you progress faster and further in your career, and get the promotion and pay rise you deserve. This programme will help you discover the secrets to accelerated career success. You’ll learn how to make the right people sit and take notice and how to avoid career limiting activities. Your confidence will get a boost and you’ll gain renewed energy and passion for your work so that you unlock your forward progress, advance you career to the next level, and increase your salary. The programme is designed to not only help you get your next promotion, but to accelerate your career progress for the rest of your working life!

career accelerator coachingProgramme Details


Your Dream Body

Health & Fitness Coaching Programme

health and fitness coaching programmeOur health and fitness coaching programme will help you to look good, feel great and have more energy. The primary focus of this programme is to help you get fitter and healthier, so that you look and feel great, and most of all stay that way! Our goals is to help you make sustainable long-term changes and adopt a healthy active lifestyle for life. You’ll feel better about yourself, and also feel calmer, more relaxed and more in control, find ways to exercise that you enjoy, and therefore stick to, eat more healthily because you really want to, not because you “should”, develop the strength and stamina to do the things you really want to do in life, and gain a renewed sense of energy and zest for life!

health and fitness coachingProgramme Details

Weight Loss Coaching Programme

weight loss coaching programmeOur weight loss coaching programme will help you to feel good about yourself, lose the extra weight you’ve been carrying around for far too long – and keep it off! The core focus of this programme is on sustainable weight loss – not just losing it, but stopping the yo-yo cycle so that you keep the weight off permanently. You’ll not only lose weight and get fitter and healthier, but you’ll tackle the underlying causes of your past eating patterns and weight gain so they become a thing of the past. You’ll stop comfort eating, eliminate cravings, discover how to keep active doing things you enjoy, feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror, and ultimately have more energy and regain your zest for life!

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Your Dream Relationship

Find your Ideal Partner Relationship Coaching Programme

find your ideal partner relationship coaching programmeOur ideal partner relationship coaching programme will provide you with the support, motivation and guidance you need to get into a new relationship that’s right for you. This programme is designed to help you discover what’s been causing your past relationships to fail, or fail to materialise and learn that the answer isn’t to settle for less than you really want. You’ll feel better about yourself and more confident when you’re out dating, develop a clear picture for your ideal partner and relationship, and develop clear criteria against which you can test any relationship to know if it’s right for you. Our overall aim is to help you fully embrace who you are – so that you’ll attract the the love of your life.

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Couples/Families Relationship Coaching Programme

couples / families relationship coaching Our couples relationship coaching programme will help you dramatically improve your romantic and family relationships, re-ignite the spark and get back on track, and if a break becomes inevitable then it will help minimise the fall-out. You will uncover the behaviours that keep you stuck in the same negative cycle and heal past hurts, wounds and disappointments. Your relationship and family dynamics will improve and you’ll put the romance, intimacy and spark back into your relationship. You’ll also create a clear vision and path forwards that is compelling for you both – so that you’re relationship continues to grow and flourish.

couples / families relationship coachingProgramme Details

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Satisfaction GuaranteeWe’re so confident that our coaching programmes will help you make the changes you want in your life and work that we’re willing to guarantee it!

If at any point during the first 30 days you’re not 100% happy with the programme you’ve enrolled on, and the work you’re doing with your coach, then we won’t hold you to the full 6 month commitment and we will refund your programme fee in full.[/stylebox]

Success StoriesNow you have an understanding of who we work withhow we work, and the programmes we offer. Why not take a look at our success stories page. On this page you will have the opportunity to read about some of the significant changes our clients have made in their lives by working with a Move Beyond coach and find out how you can get them for yourself.


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